Sorbus aria 'Majestica' at Victoria Park

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' 0

Sorbus aria 'Majestica'
March 2015

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' 1

Sorbus aria 'Majestica'
mid July 2015

Grid reference ST 15509 76716
Common name Whitebeam 'Majestica'
Alternative name Sorbus aria 'Decaisneana'
Origin Europe
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 11M March 2015
Girth 163cm March 2015
Reference 146

This tree is beside the south east entrance on the Cowbridge Road railings, between the two brick buildings.

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' bark

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' bark
March 2015

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' leaf

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' leaf
late June 2015

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' flower1

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' flowers
late May 2019

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' flower2

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' flowers
late May 2019

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' fruit

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' fruit
early August 2015

General tree description

Sorbus aria 'Majestica' is a cultivar of the Common whitebeam, Sorbus aria. It has larger leaves and fruit, but in other respects does not differ from the species. It grows to around 20 metres tall with a narrow dome and smooth, grey bark. The leaves are elliptic, 10 to 15cm long, dark and glossy above, white-woolly beneath, and irregularly toothed or slightly round-lobed. They turn gold and russet in autumn. The flowers are white and the fruits are 1.5 cm long and deep red.