Aesculus hippocastanum at Thompson's Park

Aesculus hippocastanum 0

Aesculus hippocastanum in flower
mid May 2016

Aesculus hippocastanum 1

Aesculus hippocastanum
mid August 2017

Grid reference ST 16068 77103
Common name Horse chestnut
Origin Albania and Greece
Deciduous Yes
Height 24M May 2016
Girth 393cm May 2016
Reference 450

This tree is in the upper park, on the north west side of the field, south of St. David's Avenue.

Aesculus hippocastanum bark

Aesculus hippocastanum bark
mid August 2017

Aesculus hippocastanum flower

Aesculus hippocastanum flower
mid May 2016

Aesculus hippocastanum leaf

Aesculus hippocastanum leaves
late May 2016

Aesculus hippocastanum flower2

Aesculus hippocastanum flower
late May 2016

Aesculus hippocastanum fruit

Aesculus hippocastanum young fruit
mid July 2016

Aesculus hippocastanum bud

Aesculus hippocastanum terminal bud
mid August 2017

General tree description

Aesculus hippocastanum is a large tree, growing up to 39 metres, with a domed crown. Its bark is smooth and pink-grey in young trees, becoming browner and coarser when mature. The leaves unfold early and are palmately compound, with five to seven stalkless leaflets, jaggedly-toothed. Each leaflet is 13 to 30cm long, making the whole leaf up to 60cm across. The flowers are exceptionally attractive, appearing in spring and early summer in white candles 10 to 30cm tall, with a yellow spot that turns red. After pollination they are followed by fruits, which mature in autumn to conkers in green, spiny husks. Each conker is 2 to 4cm diameter, glossy nut-brown with a whitish scar at the base.