Trees at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Sophia Gardens has the following notable trees, including two Great Britain Champions.

Name Common Name Origin Status Location   OS Grid Tag Place Event
Acer saccharinum Silver maple East North America Wales Champion 2013 On lawn at south end ST 17626 76595   Sophia Gardens  
Aesculus indica 'Sydney Pearce' Indian chestnut Garden origin Wales Champion 2015 60M south of roundabout ST 17451 76872   Sophia Gardens  
Castanea sativa Sweet chestnut S. Europe & N. Africa   South west corner, east of lodge ST 17641 76526   Sophia Gardens  
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Red ash or Green ash East North America GB Champion 2013 Beside the path at the south end ST 17606 76591   Sophia Gardens  
Juglans major Arizona walnut SW North America Wales Champion 2013 South west corner, east of lodge ST 17635 76515   Sophia Gardens  
Populus nigra var. pubescens     Glamorgan Champion 2013 Downstream from Millenium Bridge ST 17663 76628   Sophia Gardens  
Prunus avium 'Plena' Double gean Europe & West Asia GB Champion 2013 Beside wall at Cowbridge Road end ST 17648 76512   Sophia Gardens  
Prunus padus 'Watereri' Waterer's bird cherry Europe     ST 17477 76781   Sophia Gardens  

The history of Sophia Gardens