Castanea sativa at Sophia Gardens

Castanea sativa 0

Castanea sativa
mid September 2015

Grid reference ST 17641 76526
Common name Sweet chestnut
Origin South Europe & north Africa
Deciduous Yes
Height 13M September 2015
Girth 150cm September 2015
Reference 309

This tree is at the south west corner of Sophia Gardens, east of the lodge.

Castanea sativa bark

Castanea sativa bark
September 2015

Castanea sativa leaf

Castanea sativa leaves
mid September 2015

Castanea sativa catkin

Castanea sativa catkins
mid July 2016

Castanea sativa foliage

Castanea sativa foliage
mid September 2015

Castanea sativa fruit

Castanea sativa fruit
mid September 2015

General tree description

Castanea sativa is a fast growing, large tree growing up to 36 metres tall. It has vertically-ridged, rough, grey-brown bark and dense glossy foliage. The leaves are 20cm long and elliptic with 20 pairs of straight parallel veins each ending in a 'saw' tooth. The flowers are bisexual catkins, female at the base and male at the tip. The conspicuous male sections are 15 to 20cm long and yellow or creamy white with an unpleasant odour. They mature in mid summer, then fall away leaving the female catkins to develop into spiny fruits (chestnuts) in autumn. A good crop of chestnuts is only produced in a warmer than average summer.