Acer saccharinum at Sophia Gardens

Acer saccharinum 0

Acer saccharinum
late April 2015

Acer saccharinum 1

Acer saccharinum
mid July 2015

Acer saccharinum 2

Acer saccharinum
early February 2016

Grid reference ST 17626 76595
Common name Silver maple
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 28M April 2015
Girth 357cm April 2015
Reference 191

This tree is on the lawn at the south end of Sophia Gardens.

Acer saccharinum bark

Acer saccharinum bark
April 2015

Acer saccharinum leaf

Acer saccharinum leaf
mid July 2015

Acer saccharinum foliage

Acer saccharinum foliage
mid September 2015

General tree description

Acer saccharinum can grow to 30 metres tall, with an irregular dome and steep, arching branches. Its bark is smooth grey, developing shaggy cream-grey plates by the time the tree is around sixty years old. The leaves are 8 to 15cm across, deeply five-lobed, with irregular saw-toothed margins. They are green above and silver-white underneath, giving a shimmering effect in a breeze, and they turn yellow and pink-red in autumn. The flowers are a dull red, appearing in spring before the leaves.