Taxodium distichum at Roath Park Wild Gardens

Taxodium distichum 0

Taxodium distichum
April 2015

Taxodium distichum 1

Taxodium distichum
mid July 2015

Taxodium distichum 2

Taxodium distichum
early November 2015

Grid reference ST 18502 80305
Common name Swamp cypress
Common name Bald cypress
Origin S.E. USA
Deciduous Yes
Height 25.5M March 2015
Girth 267cm March 2015
Reference 174

This tree is at the north east end of the gardens close to the roundabout where Lake Road East and Lake Road West join. (Just to the left, but hidden in this photograph, is a Taxodium ascendens.)

Taxodium distichum bark

Taxodium distichum bark
July 2015

Taxodium distichum foliage

Taxodium distichum foliage
mid May 2015

Taxodium distichum foliage2

Taxodium distichum foliage
early November 2015

General tree description

This is a large deciduous conifer, typically reaching 30 metres and occasionally more. It has a narrow conical form and red-brown bark. The very light green foliage appears in late spring, and turns a bronze-brown in autumn. The pollen cones are yellowish green turning purplish to brown. One of its characteristics is that if situated near a lake or bog the Taxodium distichum will send up aerial roots or "knees" from its base.