Larix x marschlinsii at Roath Park Wild Gardens

Larix x marschlinsii 0

Larix x marschlinsii
April 2015

Larix x marschlinsii 1

Larix x marschlinsii
mid July 2015

Grid reference ST 18491 80291
Common name Dunkfield larch
Common name Hybrid larch
Alternative name Larix x eurolepis
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Glamorgan Champion 2015
Height 22.5M April 2015
Girth Approx 221cm April 2015
Reference 173

This tree is at the northen end of the gardens, only a few metres in from the roundabout. Its girth measurement is approximate due to ivy.

Larix x marschlinsii bark

Larix x marschlinsii bark
April 2015

Larix x marschlinsii foliage

Larix x marschlinsii foliage
mid May 2015

Larix x marschlinsii foliage2

Larix x marschlinsii foliage
early November 2015

General tree description

Larix x marschlinsii is a natural hybrid of the Japanese larch and the European larch, and first grew at Dunkeld in Scotland. It can reach heights of 40 metres or more, with a straight, tapering conical trunk. The bark is reddish brown with regular fissures. The leaves are rich green needles grown in bundles on short shoots, and they turn orange then brown before dropping. Reddish-purple female flowers ripen to form oval cones 40mm x 25mm.