Quercus suber at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Quercus suber 0

Quercus suber
early October 2015

Grid reference ST 18678 78668
Common name Cork oak
Origin S. Europe & N. Africa
Deciduous No
Height 8M October 2015
Girth 67cm October 2015
Reference 317

This tree is on the lawn at the north end of the garden not far from the bridge and the tennis courts.

Quercus suber bark

Quercus suber bark
October 2015

Quercus suber leaf

Quercus suber leaves
early October 2015

General tree description

Quercus suber is a medium-sized tree, reaching about 20 metres tall, with a low, wide-spreading shape. It has thick, deeply ridged, corky bark, cream, orange or grey in colour. The leaves are oblong or oval, leathery, 2.5 to 6 cm long, toothed, glossy green above, grey-green and hairy below.