Quercus coccifera at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Quercus coccifera 0

Quercus coccifera
mid July 2018

Grid reference ST 18631 78660
Common name Kermes oak
Origin Mediterranean
Deciduous No
Height 2.5M July 2018
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 568

This tree is on the south west side of the brook and north west of the bridge.

Quercus coccifera leaf

Quercus coccifera leaves
mid July 2018

Quercus coccifera leaf2

Quercus coccifera new leaves
mid July 2018

General tree description

Quercus coccifera is a slow growing, dense evergreen shrub ususally 3 to 4 metres high, but sometimes a small tree up to 8 or 10 metres tall. Its bark is dull grey and often scaly when mature. The leaves are stiff and hard, 2 to 4cm long and broadly oval, oblong or ovate. They are prickly like a small-leaved holly, dark green above, paler below, and shiny and smooth on both sides. The acorns are up to 2.5cm long, more than half enclosed in a cup covered in spiny scales.