Platanus x hispanica at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Platanus x hispanica 0

Platanus x hispanica
February 2015

Platanus x hispanica 1

Platanus x hispanica
mid May 2015

Grid reference ST 18664 78628
Common name London plane
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Height 26M February 2015
Girth 450cm February 2015
Reference 115

This tree is to be found on the west side of the brook near the mid west entrance and the footbridge. It was probably planted at the time that the park was laid out.

Platanus x hispanica bark

Platanus x hispanica bark
FFebruary 2015

Platanus x hispanica seed

Platanus x hispanica fruits
mid May 2015

Platanus x hispanica seed2

Platanus x hispanica fruit
early June 2015

Platanus x hispanica foliage

Platanus x hispanica autumn foliage
mid October 2015

Platanus x hispanica seed3

Platanus x hispanica seed clusters
late February 2016

General tree description

Platanus x hispanica can grow to 35 metres or more and live for several hundred years. Its bark is olive green to grey, with large scaly plates that peel off to reveal a creamy bark underneath. The leaves are maple-like, thick and leathery, up to 20 cm long and wide, with five triangular lobes. They turn a rich orange-yellow before falling in autumn. Bauble-like fruits hang in clusters from early summer to the following spring. The origin of Platanus x hispanica is not certain. It is thought to be a hybrid of the oriental plane and the American plane, and was brought to Britain from Spain in the 17th century.