Maytenus boaria at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Maytenus boaria 0

Maytenus boaria
late August 2017

Grid reference ST 18855 78581
Common name Mayten tree
Common name Maiten
Origin Chile
Deciduous No
Status Rather rare
Planted 2008
Height 6M September 2017
Girth 37cm September 2017
Reference 530

This tree is close to the Alder Road railings and about 30M from the south east entrance.

Maytenus boaria bark

Maytenus boaria bark
late August 2017

Maytenus boaria leaf4

Maytenus boaria leaves and flower buds
mid March 2019

Maytenus boaria flower1

Maytenus boaria flowers
late April 2019

Maytenus boaria flower2

Maytenus boaria flowers
late April 2019

Maytenus boaria leaf

Maytenus boaria leaves
late August 2017

Maytenus boaria leaf3

Maytenus boaria leaf
early September 2017

General tree description

Maytenus boaria is a small tree, up to around 10 metres tall in Britain, though it can grow to 20 metres in its natural habitat. It has an oval crown, slender branches and often a weeping habit. Its bark is grey with short irregular grooves The leaves are elliptical and finely toothed, up to 5cm long, shining mid-green above and paler underneath. Tiny, inconspicuous greenish-white flowers appear in spring. The fruits are small, red, fleshy capsules, each usually containing two seeds.