Malus yunnanensis at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Malus yunnanensis 0

Malus yunnanensis
February 2015

Malus yunnanensis 1

Malus yunnanensis
mid May 2015

Malus yunnanensis 2

Malus yunnanensis
late October 2015

Grid reference ST 18626 78669
Common name Crab apple
Origin West China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 12M February 2015
Girth 85cm February 2015
Reference 94

This tree is on the south west side of the brook and north west of the bridge.

Malus yunnanensis bark

Malus yunnanensis bark
February 2015

Malus yunnanensis leaf

Malus yunnanensis leaves
early September 2017

Malus yunnanensis fruit

Malus yunnanensis fruit
early September 2017

General tree description

This is a small to medium decorative tree which can typically reach a height of 10 metres. Its leaves are coarsely toothed and 6 to 12 cm long. In May it produces white blossom slightly tinted pink. In autumn both leaves and fruit turn orange/red. The fruits are miniature apples from between 1 to 1½cm