Magnolia kobus at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Magnolia kobus 0

Magnolia kobus (centre tree)
mid April 2016

Magnolia kobus 1

Magnolia kobus (centre tree)
mid July April 2019

Grid reference 423
Common name Kobushi
Common name Northern Japanese magnolia
Origin Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Height 11.5M April 2016
Girth 141cm April 2016
Reference ST 18730 78539

In the past there was a complete row of Magnolia kobus along the Ninian Road boundary between the middle gate and Alder Road, but over the years some have died and been removed. This particular tree is the middle one of the three most southerly Magnolia kobus on the Ninian Road boundary.

Magnolia kobus bark

Magnolia kobus bark
April 2016

Magnolia kobus bud

Magnolia kobus buds
early February 2017

Magnolia kobus flower

Magnolia kobus flowers
mid April 2016

Magnolia kobus leaf

Magnolia kobus leaves
mid May 2016

General tree description

Magnolia kobus is a small to medium-sized tree and can grow to 18 metres tall, with a dense, spreading form when mature. It has grey-brown bark that develops rough, corky ridges with age. The leaves are dark green, 8 to 15 cm long, obovate, with a pointed tip, and smooth edges and surfaces. Flowering is in March-April, before the leaves. The flowers are creamy white, slightly fragrant, and 10 to 12cm across with six petals. The fruits are pink pods that split open in autumn to reveal scarlet seeds.