Juglans nigra #2 at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Juglans nigra 0

Juglans nigra
July 2019

Juglans nigra 2

Juglans nigra
Early October 2019 2019

Grid reference ST 18728 78572
Common name Black walnut
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Planted 2004/05
Height 14M July 2019
Girth 87cm July 2019
Reference 586

This tree is beside the main footpath on the western site of the Gardens, about 70M south of the footbridge over the brook. It was planted in memory of Mrs Elizabeth Dorcas Davies (nee Moore).

Juglans nigra bark

Juglans nigra bark
July 2019

Juglans nigra bark2

Juglans nigra bark
July 2019

Juglans nigra leaf

Juglans nigra pinnate leaves
July 2019

General tree description

Juglans nigra is a large tree (up to 35 metres tall) with a domed crown and very dark grey-black, deeply fissured bark. It has large, hanging, pinnate leaves up to 60cm long, with nine to twenty-three finely toothed leaflets. The leaves are a rich green colour, turning golden yellow in autumn. The fruits are nuts encased in 3cm thick green husks and they rarely ripen in Britain.