Fraxinus ornus at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Fraxinus ornus 0

Fraxinus ornus
March 2015

Fraxinus ornus 1

Fraxinus ornus
mid May 2015

Fraxinus ornus 2

Fraxinus ornus
late May 2015

Grid reference ST 18781 78538
Common name Manna ash
Common name Flowering ash
Origin S Europe and SW Asia
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 19M March 2015
Girth 221cm March 2015
Reference 95

This tree is west of the brook at the southerly end of the Garden.

Fraxinus ornus bark

Fraxinus ornus bark
March 2015

Fraxinus ornus leaf

Fraxinus ornus leaf
mid May 2015

Fraxinus ornus flower

Fraxinus ornus flower
late May 2015

Fraxinus ornus seed

Fraxinus ornus keys (seeds)
mid September 2015

General tree description

Fraxinus ornus grows to 15 to 25 metres in height and has smooth dark grey bark. Its leaves are deep green and pinnate, 20 to 30cm long, with five to nine leaflets. These are ovoid, 5 to 10cm long and 2 to 4cm broad, with a wavy and finely serrated margin. Fragrant creamy white flowers are produced in late spring. These are followed by winged seeds in bunches, bright green in summer and ripening to brownish-yellow in autumn.