Araucaria araucana at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Araucaria araucana 0

Araucaria araucana
early August 2015

Grid reference ST 18616 78742
Common name Monkey puzzle tree
Origin South America
Deciduous No
Height 5M August 2015
Height 7M November 2018
Girth 41 cm @ 90cm August 2015
Girth 48 cm @ 90cm November 2018
Reference 249

This tree is located neat the north east entrance.

Araucaria araucana bark

Araucaria araucana bark
August 2015

Araucaria araucana branchwhorl

Araucaria araucana branch whorl
early August 2015

Araucaria araucana leaf

Araucaria araucana leaves
early August 2015

General tree description

Araucaria araucana is a medium to large tree, with a pyramid shape, growing up to 30 metres. It has long, spidery branches and rigid dark green leaves, triangular, 3 to 4cm long, and with sharp edges and tips. This tree is normally dioecious, meaning it has male and female flowers (cones) on separate trees. Male (pollen) cones are cylindrical, up to 15cm long, while female (seed) cones are globular, 11 to 18cm long. They mature over three years and disintegrate releasing nut-like seeds 3 to 4cm long.