Trees at Roath Park Llandennis Gardens

Among the trees at Llandennis Gardens is a rather rare Shingle Oak.

Name Common Name Origin Status Location   OS Grid tag Place Event
Castanea sativa Sweet chestnut South Europe & north Africa   South east boundary ST 18436 80543   Roath Park Llandennis Gdns  
Fagus sylvatica Common beech Europe   West boundary ST 18386 80566   Roath Park Llandennis Gdns  
Quercus imbricaria Shingle oak East USA Rather rare Wales Champion 2013 Centre of the garden, LHS of path heading north ST 18401 80590   Roath Park Llandennis Gdns  
Quercus robur Common oak Europe   RHS of the path heading north through centre ST 18394 80614   Roath Park Llandennis Gdns  

The history of Llandennis Gardens