Tilia americana at Roath Park Lake

Tilia americana 0

Tilia americana
mid August 2015

Tilia americana 1

Tilia americana
early October 2015

Tilia americana 2

Tilia americana leaves all but gone
early November 2015

Grid reference ST 18621 79875
Common name American lime
Common name American basswood
Common name American linden
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
TROBI Remarkable Tree
Height 17M August 2015
Girth 234cm August 2015
Reference 261

This tree is on the east side of the lake and opposite Lake View Court (138 Lake Road East).

Tilia americana bark

Tilia americana bark
August 2015

Tilia americana leaf

Tilia americana leaf
mid August 2015

Tilia americana foliage

Tilia americana foliage
mid August 2015

Tilia americana foliage2

Tilia americana autumn leaves
early October 2015

General tree description

Tilia americana is a medium-sized to large tree, with a narrow dome, up to around 24 metres tall. It has dark grey bark, coarse and furrowed on mature trees. The leaves are large and roundish-ovate, typically 10 by 10cm but may be up to 30cm long and almost as broad. They are coarsely toothed, green and glabrous above and beneath, turning yellow-brown in autumn. The flowers are yellowish white, in pendulous clusters, opening mid summer. They are followed by small, woody fruits.