Quercus ilex at Roath Park Lake

Quercus ilex 0

Quercus ilex
early August 2015

Grid reference ST 18635 80101
Common name Holm oak
Common name Holly oak
Common name Evergreen oak
Origin Mediterranean
Deciduous No
Height 22M August 2015
Girth 319cm @ 0.9M August 2015
Reference 257

This tree is very close to the junction of Lake Road East and Wild Gardens Road.

Quercus ilex bark

Quercus ilex bark
August 2015

Quercus ilex bark2

Quercus ilex bark
October 2017

Quercus ilex foliage

Quercus ilex foliage
early August 2015

Quercus ilex acorn

Quercus ilex green acorn
mid September 2017

Quercus ilex acorn2

Quercus ilex ripened acorn
mid October 2017

General tree description

Quercus ilex is a large tree, up to 30 metres tall, with a rounded head, and generally dense and bushy. It has blackish, finely cracked bark. The evergreen leaves are leathery, dark glossy green above and greyish beneath. They are often narrowly oval but can be very variable in size and shape, and may or may not be toothed. There are golden catkins in spring / early summer, followed by small acorns (15 to 20mm), in felted cups.