Pyrus communis at Roath Park Lake

Pyrus communis 0

Pyrus communis
mid August 2015

Grid reference ST 18465 80056
Common name European pear
Common name Common pear
Origin Central and East Europe, S.W. Asia
Deciduous Yes
Height 12M August 2015
Girth 143cm August 2015
Reference 256

This tree is at the north west tip of the lake.

Pyrus communis bark

Pyrus communis bark
August 2015

Pyrus communis fruit

Pyrus communis fruit
mid August 2015

General tree description

Pyrus communis is a medium sized tree, 15 to 20 metres tall, with an upright form and a domed crown. Its bark is black-brown and cracked with small irregular shapes. The leaves are glossy green, 3 to 8cm long, oval or rounded and finely toothed. They are richly coloured orange and gold in autumn. Clusters of creamy white flowers appear in April, followed in summer by yellowish or russet pears of variable size.