Pinus wallichiana at Roath Park Lake

Pinus wallichiana 0

Pinus wallichiana
mid August 2015

Grid reference ST 18448 79586
Common name Bhutan pine
Common name Blue pine
Common name Himalayan pine
Origin Himalayas
Deciduous No
Height 18M August 2015
Girth 182cm August 2015
Reference 284

The tree is on the west side of the lake, north of the boat stage, opposite 131-133 Lake Road West. It is growing in poor soil.

An isolated cone low on the tree was 17cm long and parts of it were covered with a white sticky liquid. All other cones were high up. The length of the needles measured varied between 11 and 16cm.

Pinus wallichiana bark

Pinus wallichiana bark
August 2015

Pinus wallichiana foliage

Pinus wallichiana foliage
mid August 2015

Pinus wallichiana cone

Pinus wallichiana cone
mid August 2015

Pinus wallichiana foliage2

Pinus wallichiana foliage
mid May 2016

General tree description

Pinus wallichiana may grow up to 32 metres tall and has a conic shape, becoming broad, untidy and leaning with age. Its bark is scaly and purple- or brown-grey. The leaves are in bundles of 5, grey-green with white-lined inner surfaces. They are 10 to 20cm long, slender and drooping. The cones are banana-shaped, 10 to 30cm long.