Pinus radiata at Roath Park Lake

Pinus radiata 0

Pinus radiata
September 2018

Grid reference ST 18659 80053
Common name Monterey pine
Origin California
Deciduous No
Height 19.5M September 2018
Girth 346cm September 2018
Reference 572

This tree is beside the roadside and opposite number 168-170 Lake Road East.

Pinus radiata bark

Pinus radiata bark
September 2018

Pinus radiata bark2

Pinus radiata deeply fissured bark
September 2018

General tree description

Pinus radiata is a large tree, up to 45 metres tall, with a dense and sometimes very broad head. Its bark is dark brown or purple-black with age and ruggedly fissured. The leaves are needles in bundles of three, bright green, up to to 15cm long, very slender and drooping. The cones are woody, up to 15cm long and almost as wide.