Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' 0

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla'
late September 2015

Grid reference ST 18573 79100
Common name Eastern hemlock 'Microphylla'
Common name Canadian hemlock 'Microphylla'
Origin East North America
Deciduous No
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 9.5M September 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 313

This tree is on the east bank of the brook, mid way between the conservatory and the Promenade.

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' bark

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' bark
September 2015

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' leaf

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' leaves
late September 2015

General tree description

Tsuga canadensis 'Microphylla' is a cultivar of the Eastern hemlock Tsuga canadensis. This is a large tree (up to 30 metres) with a broad irregular crown, and orange-brown bark which becomes a dull, dark purplish-grey in older trees. The leaves are broadest near the base and have two whitish bands underneath. The cones are small and ovoid, 1.5 to 2.5cm long.

'Microphylla' forms a small tree (up to about 12 metres) whose tiny, heath-like leaves are typically 6mm in length.