Styrax japonicus at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Styrax japonicus 0

Styrax japonicus
late may 2015

Styrax japonicus 1

Styrax japonicus
early June 2015

Grid reference ST 18500 79215
Common name Snowbell tree
Origin Japan and Korea
Deciduous Yes
Height 5M May 2015
Girth 97cm May 2015
Reference 010

This tree is to be found on the west side of the footpath leading north towards the Promenade from the northern-most footbridge.

Styrax japonicus bark

Styrax japonicus bark
May 2015

Styrax japonicus leaf

Styrax japonicus leaf
late May 2015

Styrax japonicus flower

Styrax japonicus flower
early June 2015

Styrax japonicus flower2

Styrax japonicus flower
early June 2015

General tree description

Styrax japonicus grows to 6 to 10 metres in height and has a spreading form. It has ovate or narrowly oblong leaves, 2 to 8 cm long and arranged in threes. White, bell-shaped flowers on long slender stalks appear in June.

This tree is not common and is described in the Tree Register Handbook (2011) as "very occasional", where occasional is defined as "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".