Sorbus glabriuscula at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Sorbus glabriuscula 0

Sorbus glabriuscula
September 2015

Grid reference ST 18610 78906
Common name Chinese rowan
Common name White-fruited rowan
Alternative name Sorbus hupehensis
Alternative name Sorbus glabrescens
Origin China
Deciduous Yes
Height 7M September 2015
Girth 68cm September 2015
Reference 314
Sorbus glabriuscula bark

Sorbus glabriuscula bark
September 2015

Sorbus glabriuscula leaf

Sorbus glabriuscula leaves
early October 2015

Sorbus glabriuscula fruit

Sorbus glabriuscula fruit
early October 2015

General tree description

Sorbus glabriuscula is a small, upright tree with ascending branches and smooth, grey-brown bark. It has large (10–17 cm long), blue-green, pinnate leaves with 11 to 17 leaflets, which turn red in autumn. There are clusters of white flowers in late spring followed from late summer into winter by bunches of spherical fruits, white tinged pink, 0.8cm wide.