Quercus bicolor at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Quercus bicolor 0

Quercus bicolor
March 2015

Quercus bicolor 1

Quercus bicolor
early June 2015

Quercus bicolor 2

Quercus bicolor
late October 2015

Grid reference ST 18548 79028
Common name Swamp white oak
Origin East N. America
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status GB Champion 2013
Tree trail Post 1
Height 24M February 2015
Girth 216cm January 2015
Reference 72

This tree can be found beside the west bank of the brook, just north of the Conservatory. It is thought to be part of the original planting of the Botanic Garden, listed as Quercus macrocarpa in W.W.Pettigrew's article for the Cardiff Naturalists' Society (1894-5, volume XXVII part I, pages 52-62).

Quercus bicolor bark

Quercus bicolor bark
May 2015

Quercus bicolor leaf

Quercus bicolor leaf
mid June 2015

Quercus bicolor foliage

Quercus bicolor foliage
early September 2015

General tree description

Quercus bicolor has a broad, rounded crown and typically grows to around 20 to 25 metres, though sometimes larger. Its leaves are broad ovoid, 12–18cm long, and are shallowly lobed with five to seven lobes on each side. In colour they are a dark, shiny green above and silvery white underneath. In autumn they turn brown or yellow, or sometimes reddish purple. Fruits are acorns which mature in early autumn.