Pinus pinea at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Pinus pinea 0

Pinus pinea
March 2016

Grid reference ST 18562 79085
Common name Stone pine
Common name Umbrella pine
Common name Parasol pine
Origin Mediterranean
Deciduous No
Height 17M March 2016
Girth 216cm March 2016
Reference 421

This tree is about 115M north of the conservatory on the western bank of the stream. It is thought to be one of the original plantings in the Botanic Garden.

Pinus pinea bark

Pinus pinea bark
March 2016

General tree description

Pinus pinea is a small to medium sized tree, up to around 20 metres tall, with a dense flat-topped or umbrella shaped crown. Its bark is deeply fissured and develops large orange-purple plates. The leaves are needles in pairs, grey-green, stiff, straight and up to 15cm long. The cones are 8 to 15cm long, and nut-brown in colour.

Pinus pinea is not common in Britain and is described in the Tree Register as "occasional", meaning "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".