Pinus nigra maritima at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Pinus nigra maritima 0

Pinus nigra maritima
March 2015

Grid reference ST 18584 79120
Common name Corsican pine
Alternative name Pinus nigra subsp. laricio
Origin Corsica, Southern Italy, Sicily
Deciduous No
Height 26M March 2015
Girth 294cm March 2015
Reference 172

This tall tree is south east of the second bridge to cross the brook downstream from the promenade. (The much smaller light green tree is a young Pinus montezumae planted in 2004/5.)

The Pinus nigra maritima is thought to be part of the original planting of the Botanic Garden, and was included under its alternative name ("Pinus larico"), in W. W. Pettigrew's article for the Cardiff Naturalists' Society (1894-5, volume XXVII part I, pages 52-62).

Pinus nigra maritima bark

Pinus nigra maritima bark
March 2015

Pinus nigra maritima foliage

Pinus nigra maritima foliage
mid August 2015

Pinus nigra maritima foliage2

Pinus nigra maritima foliage
mid August 2015

General tree description

Pinus nigra maritima is a large evergreen tree that can reach heights of 40 metres, and commonly has a single straight stem. It has an open crown and dark silvery grey bark with deep fissures. Its leaves are green or grey-green needles in pairs, slightly twisted and sbout 12 cm long. The cones are ovoid, pale brown, up to 7.5cm long.