Pinus montezumae at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Pinus montezumae 0

Pinus montezumae
May 2018

Grid reference ST 18590 79103
Common name Montezuma pine
Origin Mexico
Deciduous No
Status Rare
Plaque In memory of Roger Smith
Height 7.5M May 2018
Girth 71cm May 2018
Reference 562

This tree is on the eastern side of the Botanic Garden, east of the stream.

It was purchased from Malet Court Nursery as a 12 inch sapling and grown on by Roger and Vicky Smith who donated it to the park c.2006. The plaque was placed beside it in August 2009.[1]

Pinus montezumae foliage

Pinus montezumae foliage
mid June 2018

Pinus montezumae flower

Pinus montezumae flowers
May 2018

General tree description

Pinus montezumae is a medium sized to large tree, up to 30 metres tall in the wild, with a large, domed crown. Its bark is rough and deeply fissured, reddish-brown on young trees, weathering to dark grey. The leaves (needles) are bright green and 15 to 25cm long, drooping, usually in bundles of 5, but occasionally 6s or 7s. The cones are 12 to 15cm long by 3 to 4cm wide with glossy brown woody scales.

Sources of Information

  1. Personal communication (VS)