Picea orientalis at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Picea orientalis 0

Picea orientalis
late February 2016

Grid reference ST 18608 78966
Common name Oriental spruce
Origin Asia Minor
Deciduous No
Marked on 1947 chart of Pinetum
Height 18M February 2016
Girth 170cm February 2016
Reference 415

This tree is mid way between the Conservatory Bridge and the fork of the main path to the Rock Gardens. It is in the border alongside Lake Road East.

Picea orientalis bark

Picea orientalis bark
February 2016

Picea orientalis foliage

Picea orientalis foliage
late February 2016

General tree description

Picea orientalis is a large tree, reaching heights of 40 metres, with a broad conical shape and dense foliage. Its bark is pinkish brown and develops regular round plates. The leaves are very short (6 to 12mm), glossy green needles with blunt tips. The cones are small (7 to 9cm) and slender, violet-brown when young and they remain on the tree longer than on most spruces.