Picea mariana at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Picea mariana 0

Picea mariana
April 2015

Grid reference ST 18610 78972
Common name Black spruce
Origin North America
Deciduous No
Status Rather rare
Status Glamorgan Champion 2013
Height 15M May 2015
Girth 94cm April 2015
Reference 416

This tree is at the south east end, beside the boundary railings.

Picea mariana bark

Picea mariana bark
April 2015

Picea mariana foliage

Picea mariana foliage
late April 2015

Picea mariana foliage2

Picea mariana foliage
early September 2015

General tree description

Picea mariana is a medium-sized tree up to around 20 metres tall, with short branches and a narrow, conical shape. It has scaly, dark, purplish coloured bark. The leaves are soft and very short needles, no more than 12 to 15mm long, and dark blue-green. The cones are tiny, 20 to 35mm long, purple when young, maturing to shiny red-brown.