Picea breweriana at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Picea breweriana 0

Picea breweriana
late April 2015

Grid reference ST 18598 79155
Common name Brewer's weeping spruce
Common name Brewer's spruce
Origin West USA
Deciduous No
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 15.5M May 2015
Girth 166cm May 2015
Reference 193

This tree is in the old fernery, below the north end of the rock garden.

Picea breweriana bark

Picea breweriana bark
April 2015

Picea breweriana foliage

Picea breweriana foliage
late April 2015

Picea breweriana foliage2

Picea breweriana foliage
early July 2015

General tree description

Picea breweriana is a medium-sized evergreen conifer noted for its drooping curtains of dark green foliage. The cones are oblong, up to 10cm long, green at first and becoming purple later.