Melia azedarach at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Melia azedarach 0

Melia azedarach
early July 2016

Grid reference ST 18461 79124
Common name Bead tree
Common name Persian lilac
Origin West Asia to Australia
Deciduous Yes
Status Very rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 5.5M July 2016
Girth approx 48cm July 2016
Reference 460

This tree is close to the middle gate on the west side of the Botanic Garden.

Melia azedarach bark

Melia azedarach bark
mid July 2016

Melia azedarach foliage

Melia azedarach in flower
early July 2016

Melia azedarach flower

Melia azedarach flowers & buds
late June 2016

Melia azedarach flower2

Melia azedarach flowers
early July 2016

Melia azedarach fruit1

Melia azedarach fruit
mid September 2016

Melia azedarach fruit2

Melia azedarach fruit
late February 2018

General tree description

Melia azederach is a small, spreading tree, usually reaching 7 to 12 metres tall. It has large (up to 50cm long) pinnate leaves, dark green above and lighter green below, with toothed margins. In summer there are clusters of small, fragrant, lilac flowers, and in autumn - in warmer climates - round yellow bead-like fruits that hang on the tree all winter, gradually becoming paler and wrinkled.