Malus 'Magdeburgensis' at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' 0

Malus 'Magdeburgensis'
February 2015

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' 1

Malus 'Magdeburgensis'
mid May 2015

Grid reference ST 18480 79062
Common name Magdeburg apple
Origin Temperate regions
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2013
Tree trail Post 11
Height 9M February 2015
Girth 126cm January 2015
Reference 409

This tree is on the west side of Rose Garden.

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' bark

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' bark
July 2015

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' flower

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' flowers
mid April 2015

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' foliage

Malus 'Magdeburgensis' foliage
mid September 2015

General tree description

This is a hybrid between Malus spectabilis (Chinese crab) and Malus pumila (French paradise apple) and is a small, spreading tree which can reach a height of about 9 metres. It has dark green leaves and orchard apple type blossom with white to purple-pink petals opening in late April and May.