Magnolia grandiflora at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Magnolia grandiflora 0

Magnolia grandiflora
early July 2015

Grid reference ST 18501 79208
Common name Southern evergreen magnolia
Common name Bull bay magnolia
Origin South east USA
Deciduous No
Height 8M July 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 240

This tree is on the border of the Acer Lawn, about 12M from the east-west path.

Magnolia grandiflora bark

Magnolia grandiflora bark
early July 2016

Magnolia grandiflora foliage

Magnolia grandiflora foliage
early July 2015

Magnolia grandiflora flower

Magnolia grandiflora flower
early July 2015

General tree description

Magnolia grandiflora is a small tree, up to 12 metres tall, with an irregular shape. Its bark is grey and develops shallow scales. The leaves are slender and up to 25cm long, leathery, glossy green above, and often woolly and reddish brown underneath. Fragrant creamy-white flowers, up to 25cm across, appear in mid summer and last until late autumn.