Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' 0

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea'
February 2015

Grid reference ST 18511 79197
Common name Golden bay
Origin Mediterranean Regions
Deciduous No
Status GB Champion 2013
Tree trail Post 6
Height 14M January 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 33

This tree is near the first bridge below the promenade and has light green/golden leaves.

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' bark

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' bark
February 2015

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' flower

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' flower
late April 2015

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' fruit

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' fruit
early July 2016

General tree description

This is a densely branched conical tree or large shrub, and Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' is the golden variety. It is native to Mediteranean regions, growing in moist rocky areas, and can reach a height of about 12 metres with an 8 metre spread. Its leaves are aromatic and are used as a culinary herb. In spring the tree produces greenish-yellow flower clusters followed on female trees by black egg-shaped fruit.