Idesia polycarpa #1 at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Idesia polycarpa 0

Idesia polycarpa (in font of a Cherry tree)
mid July 2017

Grid reference ST 18498 78980
Common name  
Origin Japan, China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Height 4.5M May 2017
Girth 44cm @ 0.8M May 2017
Reference 519

This tree is on the south side of the westerly herbaceous border. It is the northerly of the two Idesias and is a female tree.

Idesia polycarpa foliage

Idesia polycarpa foliage
early May 2017

Idesia polycarpa leaf

Idesia polycarpa leaves
mid July 2017

Idesia polycarpa fruit2

Idesia polycarpa fruit
early August 2017

Idesia polycarpa fruit3

Idesia polycarpa fruit
mid September 2017

Idesia polycarpa fruit4

Idesia polycarpa fruit
early October 2017

Idesia polycarpa fruit5

Idesia polycarpa fruit
early November 2017

General tree description

Idesia polycarpa is a medium-sized tree, up to around 20 metres tall, with an open shape, the branches growing horizontally from the trunk. It has grey-green bark. The leaves are dark green, heart-shaped, up to 30cm long, with coarsely serrated margins and scarlet stalks. In mid summer there are clusters of fragrant, tiny, yellow-green flowers, without petals, on both male and female trees. These are followed in autumn on female trees by bunches of bright red pea-like berries 8mm across.