Diospyros kaki at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Diospyros kaki 0

Diospyros kaki
mid May 2015

Diospyros kaki 1

Diospyros kaki
early June 2015

Diospyros kaki 2

Diospyros kaki
early November 2017

Grid reference ST 18485 79196
Common name Kaki
Common name Chinese persimmon
Common name Japanese persimmon
Origin China
Deciduous Yes
Status Very rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 6.5M May 2015
Girth 49cm May 2015
Reference 008

This small tree is located on the west side of the Acer Lawn, approximately 5 metres north of the east-west path. It lost its left limb when a branch from the conifer behind fell on it during high winds in July 2015.

In November 2017 the diameter of the fruits was only about 5cm. However, the fruits were underdeveloped and lacked colour, probably due to the relatively cool summer. In previous years it has sometimes produced larger fruits with more red/orange colour.

Diospyros kaki bark

Diospyros kaki bark
May 2015

Diospyros kaki foliage

Diospyros kaki foliage
late May 2015

Diospyros kaki leaf

Diospyros kaki leaf
early July 2015

Diospyros kaki flower2

Diospyros kaki flower
early July 2015

Diospyros kaki flower

Diospyros kaki flower
early July 2015

Diospyros kaki fruit

Diospyros kaki fruit (autumnal acer in background)
early November 2017

Diospyros kaki fruit3

Diospyros kaki fruit
early November 2017

General tree description

Diospyros kaki can reach a height of up to 12 metres, and has grey-brown scaly bark. Its leaves are medium to dark green, broadly lanceolate, stiff and equally broad as long. In autumn they turn orange, red and purple. Flowering is in summer, and the seeds ripen in November. Trees are typically either male or female, though some produce both types of flowers. Female flowers are creamy yellow and tend to grow singly, while male flowers have a pink tint and tend to appear in threes. The female trees bear 7.5cm diameter roundish fruits with a smooth, shiny, thin shell varying in colour from yellow to red-orange.