Decaisnea fargesii at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Decaisnea fargesii 0

Decaisnea fargesii with blue pods
early October 2019

Grid reference ST 18518 79180
Common name Dead man's fingers
Common name Blue bean tree
Common name Blue sausage fruit
Origin West China
Deciduous Yes
Height 3.5M
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 588

The first of a group of three on the right hand side of the path leading down from the Promenade besides the bywash. The group is about 20 metres south of the junction of paths, and it backs on to the Small Acer Lawn.

Decaisnea fargesii flower

Decaisnea fargesii flowers
mid May 2019

Decaisnea fargesii greenpod

Decaisnea fargesii mature pods
early August 2017

Decaisnea fargesii bluepod

Decaisnea fargesii mature blue pods
early September 2017

Decaisnea fargesii leaf

Decaisnea fargesii leaves
early October 2019

Decaisnea fargesii seed

Decaisnea fargesii seeds in an opened pod
late October 2018

General tree description

Decaisnea fargesii is a large shrub or small tree growing to around 4 metres tall and comprising a cluster of erect stems. It has large, pinnate leaves, 0.6 to 1 metre long, consisting of six to twelve ovate, slender pointed leaflets, 7.5 to 15 cm long. The leaves are blue-tinged when young, becoming mid green and finally turning bright yellow in autumn. In May there are yellow-green flowers in drooping clusters up tp 50cm long. These are followed by fruits in the form of pods, initially green and ripening to a striking blue. The pods are up to 10cm long and similar in shape to the broad bean. They contain a transparent, jelly-like substance in which there are numerous flat, black seeds.