Catalpa bignonioides at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Catalpa bignonioides 0

Catalpa bignonioides
January 2015

Catalpa bignonioides 1

Catalpa bignonioides
late June 2015

Catalpa bignonioides 2

Catalpa bignonioides in flower
early August 2015

Grid reference ST 18575 78943
Common name Indian bean tree
Origin East USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 13.5M February 2015
Girth 316cm January 2015
Reference 37

This tree is to be found beside the bridge near the Conservatory. It is thought to be part of the original planting of the Botanic Garden, according to W.W.Pettigrew's article for the Cardiff Naturalists' Society (1894-5, volume XXVII part I, pages 52-62).

Catalpa bignonioides bark

Catalpa bignonioides bark
January 2015

Catalpa bignonioides leaf

Catalpa bignonioides leaf
early July 2015

Catalpa bignonioides seed2

Catalpa bignonioides seed
mid July 2015

Catalpa bignonioides flower

Catalpa bignonioides flower
late July 2015

Catalpa bignonioides foliage

Catalpa bignonioides foliage
mid August 2015

Catalpa bignonioides seed3

Catalpa bignonioides seed pods
late August 2018

Catalpa bignonioides seed4

Catalpa bignonioides seed pods
late August 2018

General tree description

This is a spreading medium-sized tree, native to the southern USA. It can grow to 18 metres in height, and has an irregular, broad crown. Leaves are pale green, broad-ovate in shape and up to 25cm in length. They can emit a somewhat unpleasant odour when bruised. Fragrant flowers appear in May-June. They are white marked with orange and purple, bell-shaped and 3-4cm in width. After flowering, seeds come in slender bean-like pods which mature to dark brown in autumn.