Aesculus indica at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Aesculus indica 0

Aesculus indica in flower
mid June 2018

Grid reference ST 18559 79165
Common name Indian horse chestnut
Origin NW Himalaya
Deciduous Yes
Height 18M October 2018
Girth 247cm June 2018
Reference 566

This particular tree is on the east bank of of the stream immediately upstream of the second bridge.

Aesculus indica bark

Aesculus indica bark
mid June 2018

Aesculus indica flower

Aesculus indica flower
mid June 2018

Aesculus indica leaf

Aesculus indica leaf
mid June 2018

General tree description

Insole Court

Aesculus indica grows to around 26 metres tall and has a broad dome. Its bark is smooth pink-grey, becoming scaly with age. The leaves open bronze in colour and become deep green, palmate with five to nine (usually seven) slender leaflets, glossy and dark above and pale grey underneath. Flowers appear in mid summer, in 25cm upright candles, pale pink with yellow blazes. The fruits are black-brown conkers in leathery spineless husks, appearing late and falling as winter comes.