Tilia oliveri at Roath Mill Gardens

Tilia oliveri 0

Tilia oliveri
early August 2015

Tilia oliveri 1

Tilia oliveri
late February 2016

Grid reference ST 19751 77967
Common name Oliver's lime
Common name Chinese white lime
Origin Central China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 16M July 2015
Girth Approx 166cm July 2015
Reference 247

This tree is north of the brook, about 50M downstream from the footbridge. In 2017 its trunk was covered with ivy.

Tilia oliveri bark

Tilia oliveri bark
February 2017

Tilia oliveri flower

Tilia oliveri leaves & flowers
mid July 2015

Tilia oliveri leaf

Tilia oliveri leaves
late July 2015

Tilia oliveri fruit

Tilia oliveri fruit (looking upwards)
late August 2015

General tree description

Tilia oliveri is a medium to large tree, up to around 25 metres tall. It may have a single stem, tall and domed, or have a low, spreading shape. The bark is smooth and silvery grey, and the leaves matt green and silvery felted underneath. They are broadly ovate or rounded, finely toothed and up to 14cm long. In early summer there are small, pendulous cream flowers in clusters of up to 20. The fruits are globose to ellipsoid and slightly ribbed.