Malus spectabilis at Roath Mill Gardens

Malus spectabilis 0

Malus spectabilis
April 2015

Malus spectabilis 2

Malus spectabilis
mid May 2015

Malus spectabilis 3

Malus spectabilis
late April 2016

Grid reference ST 19757 78021
Common name Chinese crab
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 10M March 2015
Girth 135cm March 2015
Reference 168

This tree is beside the Westville Road railings, 30M east of the middle gate.

No fruit was observed on this tree in the summer of 2016.

Malus spectabilis bark

Malus spectabilis bark
April 2015

Malus spectabilis foliage

Malus spectabilis spring foliage
late April 2015

Malus spectabilis flower2

Malus spectabilis flowers
late April 2016

General tree description

Malus spectabilis is a small tree with upright branches and an open crown, which can grow to 15 metres tall, but more typically around 10 metres. Its bark is scaly with patches of grey, brown and purple. The leaves are broad oval, up to 8cm across, glossy above and hairy beneath. Flowering is in April and May, with the young leaves. The flowers are very large (5cm across), rich pink in colour from red buds. They are followed by yellow globular apples up to 2.5cm in diameter, which may persist into winter