Alnus cordata at Roath Mill Gardens

Alnus cordata 0

Alnus cordata
February 2015

Alnus cordata 1

Alnus cordata
mid June 2015

Grid reference ST 19764 77964
Common name Italian alder
Origin Southern Italy
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2103
Height 18M 1988 (R & V Smith)
Height 20.5M March 2015
Girth 226cm 1988 (R & V Smith)
Girth 276cm January 2015
Reference 65

This tree is on the northern bank of the brook, approximately 80M upstream from the Waterloo Road bridge.

Alnus cordata bark

Alnus cordata bark
February 2015

Alnus cordata foliage

Alnus cordata foliage
mid July 2015

Alnus cordata fruit

Alnus cordata fruit
mid July 2015

Alnus cordata fruit2

Alnus cordata fruit
early September 2015

Alnus cordata catkin

Alnus cordata catkins & old cones
late January 2016

General tree description

Alnus cordata is a medium to large tree that can reach 28 metres tall, with a narrow, leaning shape. It has pale brown-grey bark developing vertical plates with age. The leaves are dark, glossy and heart-shaped (cordate), 4 to 12 cm long, on long stalks and with a finely serrated margin. Male and female flowers (catkins) appear in spring, before the leaves emerge. The male catkins are yellow, up to 12cm long and drooping. The female catkins when they mature in autumn are dark green to brown, ovoid, 3cm long, and woody, resembling small pine cones. The leaves last into early winter and produce no significant autumn colour.