Sorbus intermedia at Roath Brook Gardens

Sorbus intermedia 0

Sorbus intermedia
March 2015

Sorbus intermedia 1

Sorbus intermedia
late May 2015

Sorbus intermedia 2

Sorbus intermedia
early November 2015

Grid reference ST 19526 78093
Common name Swedish whitebeam
Origin North West Europe
Deciduous Yes
Status Glamorgan Champion 2013
Height 11M 1990 (John White)
Height 12M February 2015
Girth 145cm 1990 (John White)
Girth 197cm February 2015
Reference 123

This tree is north of the path, approximately half way between the foot bridge and the Blenheim Road bridge, about 65M east of the foot bridge.

Sorbus intermedia bark

Sorbus intermedia bark
March 2015

Sorbus intermedia flower

Sorbus intermedia flower
late May 2015

Sorbus intermedia fruit

Sorbus intermedia fruit
mid July 2015

Sorbus intermedia fruit2

Sorbus intermedia fruit
early August 2015

Sorbus intermedia fruit3

Sorbus intermedia fruit
late August 2015

General tree description

Sorbus intermedia can grow to 20 metres tall with a dome-shaped spreading crown. It has smooth grey bark. The leaves are ovate, green above, and pale grey-white beneath with a woolly texture. They are 7 to 12 cm long and 5 to 7 cm broad, with four to seven oval lobes on each side and serrated edges. The flowers are creamy-white and appear in late spring. They are followed by oval orange-red fruits that mature in mid autumn.