Laurus nobilis at Roath Brook Gardens

Laurus nobilis 0

Laurus nobilis
March 2015

Laurus nobilis 1

Laurus nobilis
late August 2015

Grid reference ST 19543 78068
Common name Bay laurel
Origin Mediterranean Regions
Deciduous No
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 14M March 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 141

This tree is near the east gate against the railings.

Laurus nobilis bark

Laurus nobilis bark
March 2015

Laurus nobilis bud

Laurus nobilis bud
early April 2015

Laurus nobilis flower

Laurus nobilis flower
late April 2015

General tree description

Laurus nobilis has a dense, pyramidal shape, grows up to 20 metres tall and is noted for its aromatic foliage. It has smooth black-grey bark and glossy dark green leaves. These are 6 to 12 cm long, elliptic, with smooth edges. Flowers appear in April and May, pale yellow-green, and borne in pairs beside a leaf. The fruit is about 1 cm long, black and berry-like, containing one seed.