Acer griseum at Waterloo Gardens

Acer griseum 0

Acer griseum
late July 2015

Acer griseum 1

Acer griseum
mid November 2015

Acer griseum 2

Acer griseum
early January 2016

Grid reference ST 19922 77865
Common name Paperbark maple
Origin Eastern Asia
Deciduous Yes
Height 10M July 2015
Girth 120cm July 2015
Reference 244
Tree felled during work on flood relief scheme February 2017

This tree is beside the stream and footbridge in the centre of the park.

Acer griseum bark

Acer griseum bark
July 2015

Acer griseum bark2

Acer griseum bark close up
July 2015

Acer griseum bark3

Acer griseum bark peeling
July 2015

Acer griseum leaf

Acer griseum leaves
early September 2015

Acer griseum leaf2

Acer griseum leaves
mid November 2015

General tree description

Acer griseum is a slow-growing tree up to 20 metres tall, though typically smaller. It has a rounded crown and smooth, reddish-brown bark which peels in thin, papery layers. The leaves comprise three leaflets with blunt teeth, 3 to 8cm long and 2 to 5cm across. They are dark green above and bright blue-green underneath, turning orange and red in autumn. The flowers are small and yellow on pendulous downy stalks up to 3cm.