Prunus 'Ojochin' at Roath Mill Gardens

Prunus 'Ojochin' 0

Prunus 'Ojochin'
mid May 2015

Prunus 'Ojochin' 1

Prunus 'Ojochin'
late October 2015

Prunus 'Ojochin' 2

Prunus 'Ojochin' in flower
mid April 2016

Prunus 'Ojochin' 3

Prunus 'Ojochin' showing new leaves
late April 2016

Grid reference ST 19785 78010
Common name Cherry 'Ojochin'
Alternative name Prunus serrulata 'Ojochin
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2015
Height 6M June 2015
Girth 175cm June 2015
Reference 226
Fell over, base of trunk was rotten early 2021

This tree is approximately 36M west of the north east gate and close to the railings of Westville Road.

Prunus 'Ojochin' bark

Prunus 'Ojochin' bark
May 2015

Prunus 'Ojochin' leaf

Prunus 'Ojochin' leaves
mid May 2015

Prunus 'Ojochin' flower

Prunus 'Ojochin' flowers
mid April 2016

Prunus 'Ojochin' flower2

Prunus 'Ojochin' flowers
mid April 2016

Prunus 'Ojochin' flower3

Prunus 'Ojochin' emerging leaves & flowers
late April 2016

Prunus 'Ojochin' fallen

Prunus 'Ojochin' base was rotten
early April 2021

General tree description

Prunus 'Ojochin' is a small, spreading tree, up to 7 to 8 metres tall and equally broad, with smooth reddish bark. Its leaves are coarsely toothed and leathery, emerging bronze-green and maturing in summer to become dark green. In autumn they turn copper-bronze or orange. There are clusters of large - 5cm across - fragrant white flowers on long stalks in mid to late April, opening from soft pink buds.