Toona sinensis at Roath Brook Gardens

Toona sinensis 0

Toona sinensis
February 2015

Toona sinensis 1

Toona sinensis
mid June 2015

Grid reference ST 19403 78155
Common name Chinese cedar
Alternative name Cedrella sinensis
Origin North and West China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Height 12M 1988 (R & V Smith)
Height 19M February 2015
Girth 153cm 1988 (R & V Smith)
Girth 206cm February 2015
Reference 60
Tree removed due to disease January 2018

This tree is by the railings, approximately opposite Alma Road.

Toona sinensis bark

Toona sinensis bark
May 2015

General tree description

Toona sinensis can grow to 25 metres or more in Britain, with a sparse, spreading shape. Its bark is grey with long shallow plates. It has large (70cm), pinnate leaves comprising 10 to 24 leaflets, sometimes lacking the end leaflet. They are often bronze in colour when young, dark green in spring and summer, yellow in autumn, and they smell strongly of onions. White, fragrant flowers appear in mid summer in drooping panicles up to 70cm long. These are followed by clusters of winged seeds.