Gymnocladus dioica at Roath Park Pleasure Garden

Gymnocladus dioica 0

Gymnocladus dioica
late August 2016

Grid reference ST 18780 78620
Common name Kentucky coffee tree
Alternative name Gymnocladus canadensis
Origin East and Central USA
Deciduous Yes
Height 9M August 2016
Girth 62cm Aug 2016
Reference 462
Blown down Q3 2019 January 2020

This tree is opposite the old pavilion, close to the southerly tennis court.

Gymnocladus dioica bark

Gymnocladus dioica bark
late August 2016

Gymnocladus dioica leaf

Gymnocladus dioica bipinnate leaf
late August 2016

General tree description

Gymnocladus dioica can grow to a height of 20 metres in its native habitat, though a little less in Great Britain. It has an open shape and appears very sparse in winter. Its bark is grey-brown and scaly, often with prominent narrow ridges. It has large bi-pinnate leaves (up to one metre long with as many as 140 leaflets), which are pink when they first unfold, maturing to bright green above and pale green underneath. In autumn they turn a bright yellow. The leaflets are ovate, 5 to 6cm long, with serrated edges. Greenish-white flowers come in June but this tree rarely flowers in Britain. The fruit is a dark reddish brown legume, 15 to 25cm long.

This tree is not common and is described in the Tree Register as "very occasional where summers are fairly warm".